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Industry:     Pre-Press
Location:    Germany


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“There’s no doubt using GlobalVision will help improve our key performance indicators.”

Achim Weber, Technical Managing Director, Typopharma

TypoPharma searches for the best quality control solution on the market; finds GlobalVision

Typopharma is nothing if not thorough. The all-in-one agency, which operates within the pharmaceutical industry, made sure to do its due diligence and check the market for a superior quality control solution. The agency’s conclusion: There wasn’t one, relative to GlobalVision.

The small, but resourceful nine-employee outfit based near the German-Swiss border prides itself on being a one-stop shop for “design and print and everything in between,” having worked with several major clients like Bayer and Novartis.

Typopharma’s wide range of services includes the design of artwork for packaging purposes, 3D-model and image editing, and typesetting. To help out with the quality management aspect of its multifaceted workflow, the firm had been using GlobalVision on a temporary basis.

Typopharma then took a three-month break to test out potential alternatives. Ultimately, the choice to start using GlobalVision’s web-based deployment option again was an easy one, says Technical Managing Director Achim Weber. The alternatives just didn’t stack up based on Typopharma’s needs.

“The main advantage is the usability, which is great,” he says, with Typopharma having most notably tried out a competing hardware-based solution. “It just was not practical for us because, if the computer was near our employees, they still didn’t want to move. They liked using their own system to conduct inspections, so it’s much better to have a web-based service.”


In Search of a Complete Solution

Before discovering GlobalVision initially, Typopharma had been using a PDF reader to satisfy its proofing requirements. Not all of them ended up being met, though.

“We used to switch between two windows and that was the main process to check for errors… It wasn’t exactly a complete solution,” he says. “It didn’t work with big dimensions. If you’re working with big cartons, it wasn’t usable.”

Achim Weber, Technical Managing Director, Typopharma

The main advantage is the usability,
which is great


Seeking a solution that was more versatile, Typopharma relied on good word of mouth, specifically from a client that had been using GlobalVision as well. The client in question has been using the desktop version of the platform.

According to Weber, that client is very happy with the results, specifically with the application’s Graphics Inspection mode, which is their primary use for the software. It’s also Typopharma’s, but the platform’s many other modules have also come in handy.


A Key Performance Indicator

The agency also regularly deals with barcodes and Braille. As a result, it’s made good use of the application, almost as a whole. Weber believes there’s an advantage in eventually moving over completely to GlobalVision, because it looks like it’s at Typopharma to stay.

“It’s a definite improvement,” he says. “Manually checking with our eyes, using a PDF reader it’s just not enough. There’s no doubt using GlobalVision will help us improve our error quote and our key
performance indicators.”
In the end, with all of its features, GlobalVision has proven itself to be a critical component to Typopharma’s future success. And if there’s one thing Typopharma knows, it’s all-in-one solutions.