Customer Stories

85% of our customers say GlobalVision has helped them stop quality issues.


Customer Stories

85% of our customers say GlobalVision has helped them stop quality issues.


Phoenix Litho eliminates all errors with help from GlobalVision

“I monitor the mistakes that occur if any… and there have not been any that have gone through the plant since we’ve been using GlobalVision.

Vince Costanza, President, Phoenix Lithographing CorporationREAD STORY

“We know that if we had used this process last year, we would have caught eight errors. It is hard to catch them manually.”

Jeff Hochhausen, Graphics Production Manager


“The PMS color on one of our labels was reversed, and users were able to spot the error during the scan thanks to GlobalVision. This was a huge recall saver which could have bankrupted our company.”

Donna Brown, Senior QA Inspector

“If you have several products and several markets in which you sell your products, it means you work in several languages. It’s not possible to [manually] check all the printed materials.”

Slava Krauklis, Deputy General Manager (Quality)


“With GlobalVision software, we are now in the position to forward artwork to our approvers with more confidence in what we send them.”

Oliver Wirsch, Text & Artwork Manager


“The system is effective at finding almost every error possible. It’s one-hundred percent effective.”

Simon Lacroix, Quality Control Technician


“The interfaces are intuitive and a lot of the hard work is managed behind the scenes. I have used other systems and have researched most or all of the systems available. While there may be a few specific functions that another may have an edge on, GlobalVision offerings are the most well-rounded and usable that I have seen.”

William Bosley, Global Labeling and Graphics Manager

“Every piece is critical. That’s why I like the software. It’s a safety blanket for us, to make sure that what we’re putting out is correct.”

Vince Nocella, CRW GRAPHICS


“There’s no doubt using GlobalVision will help improve our key performance indicators.”

Achim Weber, Technical Managing Director


“Every piece is critical. Getting started with GlobalVision 20 years ago, we ensured the integrity of our product.”

Wanda Patton, QA Document Control Manager


“GlobalVision was the proofreading developer that gave us the best degree of control, enabling us to inspect text, graphics, barcodes, and Braille.”

Cristina Argumánez, Regulatory Compliance Mgr


“Our video systems could not necessarily pick up on that point. Now [with GlobalVision], we can do it.”

Stephen Bouchard, President


“GlobalVision has provided speed and accuracy to our quality control process, becoming a major innovation for us that’s impacted our operations.”

Victor Dixon, President and COO

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“GlobalVision really helped us develop a proofing process that we are confident using every time. The benefits and comfort level that are provided by GlobalVision’s fully digital comparison is unachievable with a manual system.”

Ben Abray, President

“GlobalVision is marvelous because it reads so many different languages. We scan inserts that come in 24 languages and GlobalVision always catches the errors.”

Sylvie Lavigne, Senior Technician

“GlobalVision gives my users more confidence and less bounces off the presses. A person would be very challenged to catch the same errors.”

Scott Vander-Heuyden, Production Manager

“The use of GlobalVision has improved overall quality on the production floor and reduced complaints and returns from our customers.”

Greg Williams, Regional Continuous Improvement Manager

“To prevent recalls and ensure good labeling quality that stays in compliance… you can’t handle it on your own. You need a tool like GlobalVision not only to be faster but safer too.”

Caroline Sell, Regulatory Affairs Manager

Learn why 80% of our Quality Control Experts use GlobalVision daily

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