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 40 min 
Introduction to GlobalVision 5.3

In this free 40-minute webinar, we’ll be covering the new features of GlobalVision Desktop 5.3, including:

  • Updates to the top toolbar UI
  • New auto zoning search
  • Enhancements to UI for insertions and deletions
  • Addition of forgot password feature
  •  44 min 
    Introduction to GlobalVision Web 3.3

    In this free 44-minute webinar, we’ll be covering the new features of GlobalVision Web 3.3, including:

  • Updates to the Graphics Inspection module
  • Enhancements in setting account
  • Preview of the new user interface
  •  36 min 
    Introduction to GlobalVision 5.1

    In this free 36-minute webinar, we’ll be covering the new features of GlobalVision 5.1, including:

  • Electronic Signatures
  • Built-in Approvals
  • Ability to Save Original Scans
  •  17 min 
    The Future of Digital Color Inspection

    In this free 17-minute product announcement webinar, we’ll share what the future of color inspection looks like and gives you a first look at GlobalVision’s Digital Color Inspection. :

  • First digital color inspection available.
  • Partnership with Pantone, that revolutionizes color inspection module.
  • Why we developed color inspection.
  •  58 min 
    Introduction to GlobalVision Web

    In this free 58-minute webinar, learn more about GlobalVision Web and some of its new features, such as:

  • New support for HTML5
  • Redesigned user interface for a more efficient workflow
  • New set of annotation tools for reports
  • All GlobalVision modules are now available on the web
  •  16 min 
    What's New in GlobalVision

    In this free 16-minute webinar, learn how this new release can help improve your quality control process with:

  • Built in workflows
  • Ability to perform multiple inspections at once
  • Increased speed for file loading and inspections
  • Ability to preview inspection reports directly in GlobalVision
  •  30 min 
    Data Integrity for Inspection Systems

    In this free 30-minute webinar, we’ll cover all aspects regarding data integrity for your inspection systems including:

  • Introduction to data integrity requirements
  • How does this affect your inspection systems
  • The role of electronic signatures
  • Idea of going paperless