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GlobalVision invests in educational opportunities to help youth achieve their full academic potential. By offering employment opportunities, scholarships and project-based donations, GlobalVision provides youth with the resources to challenge themselves to achieve their full potential. We hope to grow our educational support from Montreal-based initiatives to global initiatives. We welcome you to contact us with questions or recommendations for future projects.

The Summit School Services

The Summit School services over 550 special needs students, from ages 3 to 21, present with a range of difficulties including intellectual disabilities, autism, and/or behavioural and emotional disturbances. At Summit School, students enrolled in post-secondary programs are offered the opportunity to participate in work experiences outside of the school.

GlobalVision has participated in this vocational training program which has proactively helped to promote diversity in the workplace, and positively impact the lives of Summit School students. GlobalVision supports the development and sustainability of programs that foster enriching experiences for students and businesses.

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Concordia Engr-Games Sponsorship

GlobalVision recognizes the efforts of hardworking students and supports their professional development by offering sponsorship on a needs-basis. In 2015, GlobalVision made a monetary donation of $1,000+ to Concordia students who participated in the Quebec Engineering Games. Sponsorship helped cover costs for equipment, transportation and registration.

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NorthShore Cheerleaders

GlobalVision recognizes the importance of physical activity as a form of maintaining good health. By partnering with local athletics associations, GlobalVision helps provide youth with the ability to join, and remain a part of athletic communities.

GlobalVision has donated $5,000 to the NorthShore Cheerleaders in an effort to help subsidise costs for merchandise, travel and meals. If you are a member of, or know a youth athletic program that could benefit from receiving a GlobalVision donation, please contact us.

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