The Value of Quality Control with GlobalVision

GlobalVision’s quality control platform can have an extensive impact on your process, and you’ll see the results in your bottom line. GlobalVision pays for itself the first time you avoid printing an error that would have cost you a recall, reprint or rework.

GlobalVision not only helps you prevent errors from going to market, it allows you to go to market quicker making your business more money. The increase in overall quality of your packaging makes you more marketable to new customers, while the lack of errors will solidify relationships with current customers.


You catch errors before they’re printed.

You reduce hours spent proofreading

Manual proofreading and verification is a time intensive, error prone process, which slows down time to market. Inspection time with GlobalVision is reduced in most cases by half over a manual process.

You reduce paperwork and materials used

Your business will save money every time you catch an error before proofing. The cost savings add up fast, and you can pass those savings onto your customers.

You reduce
approval cycles

With fewer errors making it through your workflow, you’ll see approval cycles drop dramatically, making for a process that runs faster and saves you time.

You reduce reworks

One of the greatest hidden costs to errors is rework. All steps performed prior to a defect being found gets lost and must be done again when an item goes back to the beginning of an approval cycle.
According to our customers, rework accounts for approximately 35% of artwork change costs. If your organization processes thousands of artwork changes, you can project to save millions per year with GlobalVision.

You gain productivity

As your company expands, you’ll be able to increase artwork change output without adding new resources. Without these efficiencies, there would be little choice but to implement overtime or add more employees to do additional work.

You improve time
to market

A slow approval process delays time to market. By removing days from the inspection and approval cycles, a typical package can be brought to market days if not weeks earlier, increasing cash flow.

You reduce the probability of recalls

You’d be amazed by how many recalls continue to happen due to packaging errors, an event that comes with extensive costs. GlobalVision helps you achieve complete quality control so you catch errors early in the process and avoid recalls entirely.

GlobalVision Saves You Time
and Money

The hidden costs of inefficient quality control add up. There’s the money lost to constant reworks making for long approval cycles, and ultimately products that don’t make it to market on time. The staff time wasted in manual proofreading leading to errors that are still missed regardless. And then there’s a huge amount of money and morale lost to artwork that’s approved with an error and continues to take up time of multiple departments to fix.

GlobalVision removes quality control as a bottleneck, allowing you to:

Process more jobs without adding employees

Increase overall quality

Be less dependent on manual checks

Reduce the risk of errors

Review print & packaging rapidly