Streamline your
quality control and
catch every error


How to reduce risk to your packaging


Streamline your quality control
and catch every error

How it works

File comparison

Compare two files

GlobalVision quality control software automatically compares your working file to a previously approved file.

Inspect for errors

Inspect for errors

Any differences between the two files are flagged by GlobalVision.

Inspection approvals

Approve inspections

Results are generated into a report where you can sort through the differences and decide which errors need to be corrected.

An all-in-one inspection, quality control platform

Ensure quality control across the entire workflow. Files change frequently as they go through rounds of approval and move along the printing process.
Errors often slip through undetected. Our vision inspection system, which doubles as approval workflow software, helps you manage your quality control from one source and catch any errors before they go to print.

Text Inspection example

text inspection icon
Text inspection

Compare the copy in a text document to the copy in a PDF file in seconds, regardless of the language.

graphics inspection icon
Graphics inspection

Compare digital artwork files and proofs pixel by pixel for inconsistencies.

Graphics inspection example
Print Inspection

print inspection icon
Print inspection

Inspect packaging materials like printed labels, cartons, and proofs. Compare files to approved artwork fo confirm accuracy with our print quality inspection system.

barcode inspection icon
Barcode inspection

Verify, decode, and grade barcodes on PDF files, printed packaging and imposition files.

Barcode inspection
Braille Inspection

braille inspection icon
Braille inspection

Inspect, translate, and verify Braille and find any added or missing dots.

spelling inspection icon
Spelling inspection

Inspect spelling in any language with a high degree of accuracy.

Spelling Inspection


Speed up proofing time

Proofread in seconds
instead of hours

With fast and efficient inspections, you’ll streamline the entire proofreading process.

Speed up time to market

Speed up time to market

With inspections available at every point in the workflow you’ll get packaging released on time and without setbacks.

Solution validations

Validated solutions

Our platform meets FDA requirements including
21 CFR Part 11.

reduce inspection costs icon

Integrate with our API

GlobalVision quality control solutions integrate into your workflow system through our SDK or customizable APIs.

reduce approval cycles icon

Audit trail

Access to the full history of your inspections for total compliance and legal protection.

reduction in inspection times icon

Guaranteed accuracy

Adjust the error detection’s sensitivity to catch even the slightest differences, so nothing will be missed.

Collaborate on inspections

Annotate changes directly within GlobalVision to track and approve errors.

annotate to track and approve

Comprehensive reporting

Generate reports of every inspection to track progress and send for approvals.

inspection approval reports

Flexible deployment options

As the original automated proofreading solution on the market, our quality control software is also the first to be available on the cloud. We’ll work with your IT department for a smooth integration no matter your process or set-up.

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reduce approval cycles icon


Mac & PC

reduction in inspection times icon

API Integration

reduce costs in material icon

Scanner Integration

text inspection app icon


graphics inspection app icon


barcode inspection app icon


braille inspection app icon


spelling inspection app icon


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Inspect text documents to
an approved file in seconds and
in virtually any language.


text inspection

Text inspection

Compare the copy in a text document to the copy in a PDF file in seconds, regardless of the language.


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