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Inspect text, artwork, barcodes,
Braille, and printed materials.

Global Vision detections Why Automated Proofreading?

It doesn't matter in what order the letters are.
The olny iprmoatnt tihng is taht the frist and lsat ltteer be at the rghit pclae.

Automated proofreading technology from Global Vision inspects all packaging components - text, images, Braille, barcodes & spelling in a fraction of the time of a manual process with 100%
guaranteed accuracy.

proofware applications

Proofware apps All-in-one inspection of all packaging elements

Packaging isn't just about text.

What about graphics, barcodes, spelling and Braille? With apps to inspect different elements within your packaging, Proofware is the 1st all-in-one inspection solution that has all your packaging covered.

Inspect Word files, PDFs, UPC codes,
Data Matrix and more in seconds.

proofware applications No hardware.
No software.
No problems.

Just your browser. 100% true web-based technology.

With a simple web server deployment within your Intranet and no client software required, Proofware gives access to the entire enterprise. No Citrix required.

For even simpler IT deployments and lower costs, choose the Proofware Cloud for fully validated and managed servers with full disaster recovery and guaranteed uptimes.

Proofware collaboration Speed up time to market and approvals

Get packaging artwork right the first time.

Proofware allows stakeholders to collaborate globally on inspection reports and catch errors early in the process for quicker approvals.

Route proofreading reports via e-mail and
communicate through annotations.

Latest Press Release

GlobalVision Quality Control Platform Now Embedded Within Esko Automation Engine

Quality Control Platform provides an all-in-one quality assurance solution eliminating time-consuming manual inspections..

Montreal, CANADA, May 19, 2016 Global Vision, the world leader in the development of innovative proofreading technologies, today announced that it will be demonstrating for the first time at drupa 2016 the integration of its Quality Control Platform into Esko’s Automation Engine 16.

Embedding GlobalVision’s Quality Control Platform within Esko’s Automation Engine provides an all-in-one quality assurance solution that runs as a background process and results in an annotated and viewable design file within Automation Engine. This further enables rapid and systematic review of all detected packaging and labeling errors throughout the workflow, from upstream design to print.

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Above and beyond a solid product, the service at Global Vision has been what really stands out. Global Vision is the type of company you can count on for fast and reliable support.

- Market Launch & Change Control Specialist, GlaxoSmithKline

Procter & Gamble has begun the implementation of Global Vision's solutions in several supply chains. Their solutions have helped us ensure accuracy and reduce efforts with regard to quality inspections.

- Associate Director, Global Artwork Process, Procter & Gamble

What was especially eye catching were the results after conducting a few head-to-head, human versus electronic proofing tests with DocuProof far and away the clear winner.

- Product Packaging Manager, Janssen-Ortho

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