Inspect graphics in
an artwork file
pixel by pixel for errors


Compare previous artwork files to revised artwork files to detect any differences. Make sure all requested customer changes have been made to the graphics file and no unintended errors have been introduced.

Artproof Graphics Inspection comparison screens

Maintain graphics integrity and accuracy

Graphics files can go through many approval cycles and many departments before being approved for print. GlobalVision can safeguard your artwork throughout the entire process.

Verify the entire artwork

Detects errors in changed, missing, moved, or added text, color differences, misregistration,
changes in images, layout and colors.

Artproof Graphics Inspection verifies the entire document

Confirm your
supplier’s proofs

Quickly verify that your approved artwork file compares accurately against the proof returned from your print supplier.

Artproof Graphics Inspection verifies the approved artwork
Artproof Graphics Inspection speeds up the proofing time

Accelerate artwork approvals

Automated inspection and fewer errors mean less rounds of having to check work.

Inspections available for:

  • Digital
    Compare artwork revisions
  • Pre-Press
    Inspect imposition files to make sure all repeats are the same
  • Printer Proofs
    Compare approved artwork to the printer’s proof
  • Booklet and multi-page files
    Compare all pages of a file

Graphics Inspection Report

Generate reports of every inspection to track progress and send for approvals

Artproof Graphics Inspection user interface screen


Artproof Graphics Inspection layer/separation management icon

Automatic layer and separation management

Programmable location of die-lines, with selection of layers & separations.

Artproof Graphics Inspection repeats inspection icon

Automatic inspection
of all repeats

Automatically locate and inspect stepped & nested files.

Artproof Graphics Inspection sizing icon

Automatic Sizing

Compare distorted images or automatically rescale files.

Tech Specs

Additional functionalities

Available in Mac & PC

Inspect graphics on

Artwork revisions



Nested artwork





Languages available


French (France)


Spanish (Spain)


Chinese (Simplified)



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