Proofware is now called GlobalVision Web
Quality inspections in the cloud

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GlobalVision Web formerly Proofware in the cloud

Proofware is now called GlobalVision Web

Quality inspections in the cloud

GlobalVision Web formerly Proofware in the cloud
GlobalVision Web formerly Proofware runs inspections on the web

Run efficient inspections on the web

The inspection modes GlobalVision customers have grown familiar with on their desktops are paralleled here, complete with the platform’s overall cost-effectiveness and user-friendly interface. Log in for the same speed and efficiency you’ve come to rely on… but on the web.



text inspection
graphics inspection
braille inspection
barcode inspection
spelling inspection

Fully hosted in the cloud

Take advantage of GlobalVision Web’s worldwide
accessibility and run inspections wherever and
whenever you need.

GlobalVision Web formerly Proofware fully hosted in the cloud
GlobalVision Web 123 easy setup

Avoid lengthy setup and
high hardware costs

Get up and running in minutes and forget having to
configure servers, manage software upgrades, or
scale hardware capacity.



upload files
inspect files

Built with HTML 5

Replacing Java, GlobalVision Web is based on the
industry standard: HTML5.



safari compatible
firefox compatible
chrome compatible
ie compatible
GlobalVision Web formerly Proofware built with HTML 5


GlobalVision Web formerly Proofware - HTML 5 support

HTML 5 support

Take advantage of larger file-loading capacities and industry-leading speeds thanks to HTML5 support.

GlobalVision Web formerly Proofware advanced options

Advanced options

Automatically remove headers and footers, correct display issues, and more when loading files for inspection.

GlobalVision Web formerly Proofware improved annotations


Simplify the review process by commenting directly on downloadable reports that can also be shared.

GlobalVision Web formerly Proofware multilingual inspections

Multilingual inspections

Check for spelling errors in one shot or simultaneously compare it against multiple files, each in a separate language.

GlobalVision Web formerly Proofware with custom comments

Custom comments

Standardize across all user accounts by creating custom comments and levels to assign to detected differences.

GlobalVision Web formerly Proofware with secure file storage

Secure file storage

Refer back to previous inspection reports safeguarded online in one convenient location.

See how GlobalVision Web helps businesses sign off with confidence