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Esko Automation Engine
with GlobalVision built-in

GlobalVision and Esko have worked together to build a custom solution
of quality control tools accessible instantly from the Esko workflow.
Add GlobalVision tickets to inspect text, artwork, barcodes,
spelling and braille. Watch the video >

Detect errors early in the workflow before you go to press

With the first fully automated quality control workflow solution, you’ll become aware of any problems that arise exactly when they occur.

product packaging


Build custom workflows

Design automated inspection checks in your Automation Engine workflow to catch errors at any point in a file’s lifecycle.

Quality control becomes part of your organization’s DNA

With Esko quality control tools powered by GlobalVision, QC gets integrated throughout your whole process,
increasing the quality of your packaging.

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Graphic Designers

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Automation Engine

Pre-press Department


  • Compare files to one another even if they’re different file types.
  • GlobalVision results show up directly in the Esko Viewer, in Illustrator through Esko’s DeskPack plugins, and even in WebCenter.
  • View GlobalVision’s inspection reports and decide if you want to pass the artwork onto production or have it reworked in pre-press.
  • Build in rules when errors are found within Automation Engine.
  • Pre-defined checks for regulatory text approvals and text comparisons for copy documents.
  • Run inspections in parallel and in batches, multiplying your QC and pre-press teams.

The GlobalVision integration in Automation Engine is a great way to check the accuracy of our files. It’s easy to use and integrates into existing workflows, which enables the operators to be more successful. The potential is there for this to become the biggest game changer in the quality control process for pre-press that I have seen.

Jeff Hochhausen, Graphics production manager

Learn why 80% of our Quality Control Experts use GlobalVision daily