Inspect, translate and
verify Braille to be sure
it’s correct


GlobalVision Braille Inspection detects Braille, translates it to a chosen language, and displays any differences in content compared to an approved pdf.

Braille inspection screenshot

Digitally verify Braille

The most difficult thing about proofreading Braille is that most people can’t read it. Digital verification is fast and accurate every time.

Detect missing or added dots

Be sure every single dot is being printed correctly.

Also checks for:

Number of characters
Number of lines
Dot spacing
Character spacing
Word spacing
Line spacing

Screen shot of detections
Braille standards associations across the globe

Achieve international Braille requirements

GlobalVision will make sure your Braille complies to the Marburg Medium Braille Specification, as required by the Can-Am Pharmaceutical Braille Standard for USA and Canada, the ECMA Euro Braille Standard and the European Blind Union Guidelines on Braille Labelling of Medicinal Products.

Braille Inspection Report

Generate reports of every inspection to track progress and send for approvals


translate braille icon

Translate Braille during inspections

GlobalVision provides built-in functionality for translating the Braille in your samples so you can be sure it’s correct.

Dot spacing measurement

Measure dot spacing

The spacing between Braille dots can alter how it’s read making it a crucial detail to inspect.

Language support icon

Support up to 42 Braille languages

Be sure Braille is correct no matter how it’s written.

braille format icon

Works with embossed Braille and glue dots

Even if the Braille is raised, check to make sure it’s correct.

Tech Specs

Inspect Braille on

Pharmaceutical Braille packaging

Healthcare Braille packaging


Embossed packaging


CPG goods


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