Automatically grade all
barcodes in digital
artwork and print


To check the quality of your barcodes you no longer need to print it.
Just inspect it directly in the PDF file with our Barcode Inspection tool, formerly known as BarProof.



Barproof Barcode Inspection grading results

Automatically locate and grade all barcodes instantly

Automatically locate and grade all barcode types on labels, cartons and press sheets.

Grades each barcode according to industry standards

Check that all barcodes are compliant with ISO 15415/15416 and ANSI standards. The barcode module also checks for common pre-press parameters like bar width reduction and quiet zones.

Barproof Barcode Inspection grading details and report
Barproof Barcode Inspection software verification

Digitally verify all barcodes

GlobalVision inspects barcodes in the software so you don’t need to verify with a device.

Barcode Inspection Report

Generate reports of every inspection to track progress and send for approvals

Barproof Barcode Inspection report


Barproof Barcode Inspection linear and 2d grading icon

Grade all barcode types

Verify and decode linear and 2D barcodes. Grade all barcodes according to standards such as CEN/ANSI/ISO.

Barproof Barcode Inspection bar width measurement icon

Bar width measurement

By verifying values in les, you can be assured that barcodes will achieve the expected quality levels.

Barproof Barcode Inspection pass/fail reporting icon

Pass/fail reporting

Select the minimum grade (quality level) to which all found barcodes must comply.

Tech Specs

Barcode types

1D and 2D UPC

Data Matrix


Supported Symbologies


Code 39

Code 128

Interleaved 2 of 5

Pharma Code


RSS-14 Stacked


RSS-Expanded Stacked


EAN/UPC (13 Digits)

EAN/UPC (8 Digits)



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